Condemned: An Evening of Tennessee Williams

By Nuance Theatre Co. (other events)

12 Dates Through Jun 07, 2015

An extraordinary production from Nu•anceTheatre and John DeSotelle Studio of two beautiful yet haunting one acts by Tennessee Williams. Directed by John DeSotelle & Judith Feingold.

This Property is Condemned featuring newcomers Emily DeSotelle (age 15) and Alex Scully (age 18)  in their New York stage debut, and Talk To Me LIke The Rain and Let Me Listen starring Erik Endsley & Annie R. Such.

This Property is Condemned  takes place on a railroad embankment on the outskirts of a small Mississippi town, where a young 12 year old girl, Willie (Emily DeSotelle) spends her days balancing on the tracks, attempting to break a record, and avoid the now condemned home where she’s been abandoned.  An apparition in mud-stained finery, she attempts to balance in the precarious, ill-fitting shoes of a dead sister who resorted to prostitution. Still a child, but with worldliness and knowledge beyond her years, she is yet unaware of her own calamity. We find her as she encounters Tom, (Alex Scully), a local boy skipping school for his own unspoken reasons.  

A decade later, Talk to Me Like the Rain, and Let Me Listen... picks up 1,000 miles north in the heat-oppressed squalor of a cramped Manhattan room shared by an unnamed man and woman, living on a welfare check.  He is emerging from a drunken stupor, and she has had nothing but water for days. They are at the end of their means, their pretenses, and their rope. Will they find each other again or be lost like the rain that pours down around them?