Parlor Plays: Food - Drink - Comedy

By Nuance Theatre Co. (other events)

2 Dates Through Jul 10, 2016

Please join Nu•ance Theatre Co. and John DeSotelle Studio Sunday, July 3 at 6pm in the NuBox Theatre for the first – in a series of “Parlor Plays” – a unique and intimate style of theater and social gathering made popular in the 19th century. 

The evening will begin with a little food, drink and socializing before taking your seats for an amusing rendition of Anton Chekhov's:  The Evils of Tobacco followed by his comedy, The Bear.  In addition to the evening’s entertainment, your $15 ticket includes preshow refreshments along with a glass of wine or a beer.  After the show (if you so choose) we invite you to prolong the social hour, mingle with the actors and directors, perhaps take part in a discussion about the production or simply sit and enjoy eavesdropping on the conversations around you.

The practice of performing short plays or monologues for guests while entertaining in the drawing room of the home was customary in the Victorian era and led to what became formally known as “drawing room” plays. In France, the room for a social gathering of this nature was known as the “salon” while the American equivalent took place in the “parlor”.

6:00 – 6:45      - Our “Parlor” is open, Refreshments served
6:45 – 7:00      - Please take your seats, Introductions
7:00 – 7:50      - The evening’s performances
7:50 – 8:30      - Post show gathering

The Evils of Tobacco - a lecture given by a petrified little man who canonizes himself as a martyr to “nervous tension”, who would rather be anywhere else on the earth, and who would escape at the drop of the hat, if it weren’t for the invisible presence watching his every move…his Wife.

The Bear - a Comedy that explores the stubborn agendas of a grieving widow and an in debt land owner.  Hilarity ensues as they fight for what they want and discover it might be each other.

Come enjoy a wonderful evening with us. We hope to see you on July 3rd.