From the Shadows

By Nuance Theatre Co. (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 17, 2018


FROM THE SHADOWS is a fesitval of haunting new plays - dark, twisted, spine-chilling tales.
          And you thought Halloween was over............

3 performances only!    November 16 and 17.

This festival of new works unearths the terror of dark and sinister mysteries, tormenting memories, and malicious evils as they emerge From the Shadows of the mind.

Balloons by Eddie Chase, directed by Mickey Pantano
We meet a young woman in search of her missing daughter; memories unravel as she faces the devastation of what really happened.

Tender by Jil Frey, directed by Karin Crighton
Disturbing family secrets unfold during a simple family dinner.

Track 5:13 by  directed by Albert Baker
An unusual psychological treatment transports a patient to a place where he battles the demons that haunt him and concedes the truth of his deception.

The Dark Horse by Lindsay Partain, directed by Judith Feingold
Hauntings and possessions ravage a single mom as reality merges with dreams and we are left questioning was it real? What is living within the shadows and who is next?

Producer Emily DeSotelle constructs a theatrical evening of strange and disturbing stories from four new playwrights and the creative talents of seasoned directors, production crew and 14 talented actors. “Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, so extending the occasion for an eerie and frightening production into November just seems natural and perhaps all the more entertaining and scary!”

A Studio Series Production sponsored by John DeSotelle Studio

Please Note: The NuBox Theatre is located on the 4th floor of a historic building in Hell’s Kitchen.  There are no elevators.